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Friday, 3 July 2015

No 1/Week 21 - first brief statistical data of off fornightly statistics as taken on overall numbers on my three blogs

No 1 / Week 21

this is the first off week in my new system of taking statistics. 

This is just basic hits and posts taken off all blogs for this off week
the next full set of statistic will be on Week 22

blog A - Hits on whole blog = 56,988
Posts of the whole blog = 2,633

Average hits per post for whole blog
= 21.64 hits per post


Blog B - Hits on the whole blog = 124,194
Posts for the whole blog = 2,848

Average Hites per post for the whole blog 
= 32.27 hits per post


Blog C = Hits on the whole blog = 73,748
Posts for the whole blog = 1,525

Average Hits per post for the whole blog
= 48.35 hits per post


Statistics on the whole blog No 1 / Week 21
Hits = 354,490
Posts = 8,006
Hits per posts = 44.27

This = average hits per week taken from all three blogs over the 120 weeks blogs going for (since 13th March 2013) 
comes to = 2,954 hits per week 


All of these statistics started from 13th March 2013 when I started my new and current blog system going

I now have 354,490 hits since the 13th March 2013
with and average of 44.27 hits per posts on the three blogs since this date - 13th March 2013
all of the statistics are taken as a combination off all three blogs
Blog A - Blog B - Blog C

NB: This sentry will be done on the off fortnight and the other fortnight I will do full stats as in the new system I have designed for people to see who is reading my blog from now on. 

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