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Sunday, 31 August 2014

22.45 Sunday 31st August 2014 - statistics of entry to this blog

John Christopher Sunol's

this is my new place for all my important information online:
Present legislation needs to be repealed in anti vilification as it is being misused by corruption

All the court cases and corruption done against me : Click Here !!!

so I state to the world and to those in NSW: Australia

Lets look at repealing this

Links to blog networks A:B:C

Very important document  
for all over the world to read: 
No 57 on the list: read this 
: corruption in the NSW laws to do with Homosexual vilification, we need these laws scrapped: read this all ***** - I give this a five star rating of importance, the highest level of importance that I put on this blog

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22.45 Sunday 31st August 2014

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these blogs are on things related to agenda 21 which covers a large number of issues(s) not just one issue


In this section of this blog I am going to link all articles I want spread around the world to the blog I have them on,

all articles with a five star rating or a different rating of a large importance to the news at the time of entry, go on this blog with an explanation of the link

No 1 - Russias new internet laws - this could also come to the rest of the world under agenda 21

No 2 - More on Russian new internet laws which could become world wide as i believe this will restrict our blogging freedom.  - this is a draconian internet law

No 3 - believe this war with ISIS is now full scale and I believe it could even be the very start of world war 3. 

No 4 - This stories of a great importance to Sydney, 100 Muslim extremists living in Western Sydney, they had the raids and this was found to have some credibility in the story.

No 5 - this I rate 5 star towards agenda 21 ***** as it is a you tube with David Ike explaining to the world how we are not at world war 3, I believe this to be true and all need to watch this and share it around. 

No 6 - Islamic state has its own police force to administer Sharia law, this is very evil and we must fight this, back our governments to go to war against ISIS as Isis is a modern day curse upon all humanity. This is important with agenda 21 as I beleive that agenda is going to come onto the earth as a help to stop groups like ISIS

No 7 - We are now at full scale all out war against ISIS - Islamic state and I bleive that world war 3 has already started - this could see the rise of agenda 21

No 8 - this could end up becoming a historic You Tube in future years, It is the story of where President Obama and Biden his national secretary said that America will go to the GATES of Hell to rid the earth of the Curse, ISIS -  declaration of all out war on ISIS and its affiliates. 

No 9 - world war 3 is here, David Ike from the United Kingdom gives a very real and frightening message which I want all over the world. 

No 10 - world war 3 is has started and is about to go into full sway. watch this video and take note !!! a Must for everyone in the world as you will be effected !!!

No 11 - what agenda 21 will do to your child which be similar to what the communist Russians did after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 and the chinese after the chinese Maoist revolution in 1948 so that the young can be indoctrinated. 

No 12 - World war 3 has just started, France has kicked started it with a bombing raid on ISIS followed the United States and then Australia, All things are going global now, even wars and ISIS is seen as the nemesis of the 21st century which must be eradicated, much like Adolf Hitler (Germany)  
Benito Mussolini (Italy) and Heidiki Tojo (Japan) during the times of the second world war 1939-45.  - I think this war against ISIS could be globalized and end up becoming the start of world war 3

No 13 - Groups I follow and back and the sorts of political policies that I follow which is NOT AGENDA 21 SUPPORTERS BY ANY MEANS. 

No 14 - Internet freedoms in Australia are being eroded - this blog is on this topic

No 15 - This is the start of world war 3 which I believe has only just broken out in the last week against ISIL

No 16 - Protests marches for climate change, G20's or agenda 21 in Melbourne today 21 September 2014 ( Sunday) 

No 17 - National security risks should be declared like it was during war time in the 1940's. All big parades and events should be closed down due to the massive national security risks and this needs to be assessed by Asio, the Military and the Police only - not those who have interests in such parades taking place.

No 18 -  Isis puts out world wide Jihad, states that all Muslims should kill any non muslim Australian, American, Canadian, British or European as this is now all out war, world war 3, 

No 14 - this is just expelling my own feelings from this war which has just started with ISIS - I am aiming to become ISIS eternal nightmare in Hell as it is a very evil person and I am going to attack it online all of the time. We are at war and I get being those nations fighting it after its cold hard killer messages online today

No 15 - this is an article about my taxi authority failed to be re-instated
I have been framed into having people believe the lies that I am a homophobe, I will never accept this. I am moving on in other work now so the Taxi authority or bus authority has no real meaning to me anyway but this will be challenged and challenged big time

I would like everyone in the world to read this so that they can see what will happen to them if they do not conform to the norms of the coming agenda 21 and follow the new world order ideology of feminist sexuality without a question - Agenda 21 will force this on all as the only basis of all life - that is to be accepted.

No 16 - An example of the sorts of political attacks that will come against you if you oppose Agenda 21 when it comes and what it stands for in it Feminist constitution based on sexuality. 

No 17- would isreal survivie a nuclear war, very hard to say but the geographic area by distances if not very big and with the power of the modern nuclear weapons they far outdo even that of the 1945 Atomic bomb on Japan

No 18 - *** this is what will happen to those whom speak out against the issues put to you in agenda 21. Taken to court and framed on lies like I was

No 19 - Another set of articles on what happens to those who speak out against the evil coming to the world, they are set up to loose their licences and taken to courts

No 20 - An article on my own agenda and the studies I have completed in the past in view to social activism. The reasons why Write this blog are on this link

No 21- Isis calls for Muslim groups to kill all Australians

No 22 - I might have lost my taxi authority but I have another job directly in the public now as well to replace this !!!

No 23 - My future plans, goals and directions I will for for over the next 3 years, to January 2017

No 24 - Quntam Physics or sub atomic particle physics - the next big development in science to go to Mars and beyond. 

No 25 - I am not prturbed by the loss of taxi authority as I have another job just as much in public as the former taxi authority and this is hot now, but left a couple of weeks people will forget, it was not front page news and will die down so then I can build on my voluntary work to get myself a good name in public

No 26 - Charles Darwin  repented of evolution teaching on his death bed in 1883 - this proves that Darwinism is a load of hyped upr rubbish, Creationism is the truth and it was marketers and those making money out of these false beliefs who keep this going for financial purposes. 

No 27 - One way trip to Mars may not be as wonderful as thought when you apply for this. You could turn out dead even before you get to your destination, it is fraught with dangers - read this link that I put in on this blog entry

No 28 - the United nations Human rights council support terrorist rights - a must for all people from all over the world to read - what is happening. 

No 29 - Another set of orders from Burns vs Sunol which I can not pay money for as I am bankrupt and no way of getting the money

No 30 - Trading hostages with ISIS is a no go, i had a phone call last night from a man named Crawford stating that he was going to be traded as a hostage with ISIS - keep your ears on the news and I tell ISIS this - I will be their worst nightmare on earth or in Hell online - I promise you that buster. 

No 31 - this phone call from a man named Crawford was very disturbing, I want to bring this to light to the whole world and the only tool I have to do this is my blog, and all powers invested within me I will do this to help find justice

No 31 - I declare full scale, all out war with ISIS and I will become your worst nightmare in Hell online with Propaganda ISIS

No 32 - I will try to become a major source of information for the world, and I have two enemies, one immediately ISIS - as it started world war 3, and two long term agenda 21 which is coming to the world to take us into Chaos before the 
return of Jesus Christ a second time

No 33 - world war 3 is now on and Isis is the cause of this battle now. Read this to find out for yourself 

No 34 - the Human rights council is a terrorist council - they back and support terrorism and agenda 21

No 35 - Water in the Solar system, where there is water, there is life so there is life and water everywhere - this means that God is everywhere. 

No 36 - water in the solar system and the Universe - water = life so life must be everywhere

No 37 - Seasonings behind me writing this blog and putting out my messages on the coming new world order - mark of the beast - RDIF  chip coming

No 38 - *** Article on the reasoning of why I write these blogs and the messages that I  put out. 

No 39 - I beleive that this article is the announcement of world war 3 and Australians official entry. It could be seen as this when our historians look back from the future into present times. Australia is joining in with 60 other nations to fight a common enemy - ISIS - and is terrorist friends. 

No 49 -      World war 3 is now under way now and we must accept this 

No 50 - I class the Green Party a traitor Party as they oppose 
our forces going against ISIS and I state that every last Greens should shut their traps or be locked up and we need to throw ever last Green out of their position in politics as these traitors will only destroy us. They are a national security risk who are worried about issues such as Gay Marriage than have any common sense. - These fools are more worried about the running of the Gay and lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney and same sex Marriage than National security issues and how to defend outsells against Terrorist as I believe that world war 3 is now under way. 

No 51 - this is what happens to those who speak the truth by those that do not want the truth out.

read this article and the links in it, as this could happen to you if you say your mind and it is the truth. 

No 52 - to the dismay of those attacking me to get me to shut up. After loosing my taxi authority I now get over 1,000 people per day read my blog as I can devote more time to writing online

No 53 - world war 3 is starting if not already started due to some speakers by Barrack Obama and Joe Biden

No 54 - Depiction of old movie from 1974 on the anti Christ as they saw it then compared with you tubes and all about the coming agenda 21 and today's topics some 40 years later. Interesting for all to see

No 55 - Every last Australian Green or independent which backs Green Policies need to be booted out of parliament in these trims of troubles, they are a national security risk and when we have our airmen, sailors, and soldiers fighting groups like ISIS over seas we do not need a national security risk like those radicals with anti war ideals and alternative lifestyles in places of public authority. They are a national security risk to Australia. 

No 56 - I beleive that the emergence of ISIS is Gods answer to wickedness - specifically aimed at the same sex marriage debate alongside others

No 57 - ***** of great importance Anti vilification and discrimination under severe abuse and this document is in front of the courts at the present moment - also to be put in the public domain to get people onside to rid NSW of this anti vilification laws completely

No 58 - this Abola virus is now in the United states and could be part of an agenda to bring the world to a fear so to raise the new world order; This could have been done by the Illuminati and those involved with this organization

No 59 - More on the Abola virus

No 60 - documentay video on the new world orders (agenda 21) coming up global control

No 61Free Speech or loss human rights, we need to repeal the anti vilification laws in NSW - they are open for corruption - see the reasoning in this link

No 62 - *****this is very important, I want as many people as possible to see this, we all need to lobby to get rid of the anti vilification laws in NSW as they are only being used corruptly and abused by the few that want to fulfill a political agenda, - shut people up from speaking against issues to do with sexuality and same sex marriage. We do not need them now and I want people on mass to come to the government and let us rid the world of this abusive set of laws. 

No 63 - Anti laws of associations in Queensland have been passed and a high court appeal lost - the High court ruled that the Government can legislate against different groups colluding together on issues when they are against the law and a criminal offense.. This is very serious as it has awful consequences for the future. 
This is very serious in conjunction with No 62

No 64 - Arms being sold to Isis by world wide criminals and drug dealers; these people need the harshest treatment of all if caught and frog marched off to prison camps run by the Military in Isolated places like the Australian deserts

No 65 - North and south Korea exchange shots as pre-lude to world war 3 - pacific theater

No 66 - We must fight to stop the decriminalization  of hate crimes. not needed, to ambiguous and open to abuse on the Political scene to shut a person up for reasons to do with Politics and corruption

No 67 - Lets rid NSW of the Homosexual vilification laws, they are easily abused and are not needed - we need to push and lobby for this,

No 68 - the battle lines are drawn for Pro and Anti villification homosexual laws in NSW

No 69 - what is wrong with the homosexual vilification laws; why they need repealing before the NSW Parliament: read this all and take note

No 70 - List of all the villification cases against me by case study

No 71 - First shots in what could turn out to be world war 3 fired by RAAF Super Hornets in Iraq

No 71 - I was framed and set up. I never vilify and never have, it is all based on lies put to the authorities to force a loss of taxi licence which they got through sheer determination of telling lies and creating troubles - I will never take responsibility or ever accept where I was wrong. I was framed. 

No 72 - December 4 2014 - coming day in History, inaugural launch of  NASA's Orion for the first time - space craft of the near future

No 73 - *** very important - We need to rid NSW of the anti villification laws - or have the laws repealed - they mount to thought crime as depicted in George Orwells books (especially 1984 big brother) - read these links and make your own decision

No 74 - the propaganda war today is horrendous. It is getting like 
Edwards Bernay's and Joseph Goebbels of world war 2, It encompasses social media today where in the 1930's and 40's it was other methods such as radio, news paper ect. I would like to become Isis living nightmare online with the information wars and the use of this blog. I will work towards that as an end goal - also Agenda 21 is also in the firing line as with same sex marriage and other political issues of such. 

75- We are heading towards a ground war in Iraq and Syria in the fight against ISIS

76 - Israel is heading for a big war with Hezbollah and Iran, this is going to create very serious complications 

77- China could be the pacific thearte of world war 3, in its aggressive campaigning.

78 - both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers firing bullets at each other over cashmere, extremely dangerous - India is Nominally Hindu, Pakistan main group of religious adherence in Pakistan is Sunni  Islam - (Sunni) this creates against among the two nations. 

79 - Hindus leaving Pakistan and going to India - this is done through fear  of religion and other issues such as India and Pakistan are about to go to war again. 

80 - the treaty of Lisbon is part of agenda 21 - with the major Colonial powers of the European continent coming together as one which will take over and become the third larges country and one of the worlds powers on the world stage, 

very important for all to see these links
81 - We need to lobby to rid NSW of the anti vilification laws, they are being corruptly abused for a political agenda : Important to read these articles in this link to see why. 


82 - Hate crime - villification laws are based on peoples perception, not fact and this is very dangerous and open to abuse. 

83 - You Tube by Briggette Gabriel, An American journalist on Radical Islam and I think that all should listen to this lady as she is 100% corect

84 - Isil threatens to kill Twitter employees and CEO as they take down ISIL accounts, - this is all out war

85 - this is how people treated Germans, Australians and Hungarians after 1914 start of world war 1, then the Japanese, Germans and Italians during world war 2 1939-48 and how Islamic people are starting to be treated by some people today in Australia now world war 3 has officialy started

86 -world war 3 is very imminent if Kobani falls - but i believe that Kobana will fall as world war 3 has already been declared on ISIS - all out war

87 - story on Kobani falling to ISIS - world war 3 confirmed

88 - Ebola scare to promote a new world order  - or the coming agenda 21

89 - *** very important; lets rid NSW of the Anti Homosexual vilification laws; look in this link to see why given major reasons for this action to be done

90 - Isis had given out orders for all itrs people to kill all Australians, Americaans, English and from countries attacking Isis. This is all out war and we need prisoner of ewar camps set up

91 - I have had some minor changes in the way I present my John Christopher Sunol blog networks, click here to find out. 

92 - the Roman catholic Bishops Synod is debating same sex Issues - including same sex marriage

93 - the battle Lines are drawn ; lets lobby to rid the NSW parliament of the homosexual vilification laws. They are not needed and only being abused by one homosexual activist we all need to reject. 

 ***Very Important the world is going into this***. 
94 - same sex marriage is like Big Brother from George Orwell's 1984, it will become a crime to become homophobic and thought crime to think any different than you are orded to and what is the norm of the main run of society  - very regulated society following masonic principles in the outcome of the world philosophies that all freedom is repressed and the main stay will be diversity within society to what they demand and marriage diversity. to be designated homophobic you will be an outcast and eventually criminalized. 
As depicted in Star trek films 


95 - It is through sci fi films like Star Trek and other entertainment that the cultural norms of society is being changed

96Daniels law coming to the Northern territory is very dangerous, public online profiles of a date base of sex offenders is asking for vigilante groups to hunt them down and take the law into their own hands. Now this also wants to go all over Australia, we must oppose Daniels law in the northern territory is it is open to abuse and vigilante groups taking the law into their own hands.

97 -  Is the commonly known Bar Card the Mark of the Beast as thought back in 1984 when the bar code first came to be

98 - An old film explaining agenda 21 from past view points. 

99 - we have just started fighting what I believe to be the start of world war 3 or a Jihad by ISIS and other fundamental Islamic groups to take over the world to Sharia law. 

100 - Morocco has joined the coalition against ISIS and fighting on our side in this world war 3, 

101 - Iran hides nuclear weapons from inspectors - this is very serious as these weapons will fall into hands of terrorism 

102 - Solid evidence off Lord Christopher Monckton You Tube Global warming is a falsy, all need to watch as he also states the truth about agenda 21. 

103 - On a graduation ceremony from an ISIS Jihadist training camp in Iraq - this is unprecedented and just like a film of old on a mystical terror group 
this is not fiction it is real very real 

104 - Global warming is a myth, it is not true and a con job put on by Agenda 21, watch this video on Lord Monckton to find out the truth

105 - Under agenda 21 or the coming new world order, - fit and proper person will be used to deem you unable to work in different areas - the anti vilification legislation in conjunction with homophobia will be abused by those in authority just as a social control instrument to quite those people who speak against agenda 21 and its role in thought crime. - we must fight back before it is to late

106 - Attacks upon the Pentecostal church - similar to attacks upon me - this is down the realm of thought crime which is Orwellian material brought into practise

107 - the attacks upon the Pentecostal movement as a whole is similar to the attacks upon myself being accused as a gay hate and a homophobes, It is not true and I have been set up as the same people are doing to the Pentecostal churches as we do not agree with their philosophies and doctrines on same sex marriage and other such nasties under the left wing feminist agenda of equal opportunities for all. 

108 - this is total abuse of the legal systems

109 - We are at war now - Australian F18 fighter bomber jers have started combat missions in Iraq - be prepared for things to get worst before getting better. 

110 - What makes IS tick - fundamentalist and their interpration of the Koran I beleive

111 - Pakistan and India on the brink of war again, over Kashmire

112 - Islamic Jihad praises Iran over Gaza war with Israel

113 - Iran wants to make war with Israel in the Middle east

114 - when a sworn enemy is also an Ally ??? - this also happened in 1941 when Stalin Joined in with Church Hill to fight against Hitler as the US is doing with Iran against IS in todays context

115 - We need to rid the NSW law on homosexual villification, it is being abused by one person corruptly - read this article to find out why ???

116 - 5,000 Hindus per year are migrating from Pakistan - this is very serious as it is putting all terrorist in a nuclear armed country - if Pakistan had a Jihadist take over by a rebellion or a Military cout:  then we have problems world wide. 

117 - Global warming does not exist - it is a con job manipulated by those environmentalist in co-hoots with Agenda 21 - the coming new world order

118 - Global warming is part of a con job, it is not happening and the environmental lobby believe the lies from Greenpeace ect and other left wing political based groups

119 - Virtual reality and Hollograms are taking place now, Nasa is jsut but one user of this new technology. 

120 - This is how I am being attacked by my enemies - they tell lies and cause this to happen to me

122 - If you want to see the face of Anti Same Sex Marriage - click here - I support only nuclear marriage between one man and one woman of the opposite sex only - over the age of 18 - not married to another and not of the same genetic blood line eg. Mother son - sister brother - up to 2nd cousins - nephews or neices

123 - this is the face of anti same sex marriage - I have been put this way and now I will remain at this

124 - I have openly declared all out war against the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby and Same Sex Marriage - by this post

125 - We now have the Political Go ahead for Australian Ground troops agaisnt ISIS - we are now officialy at war and this is far more important than - this 

126 - Exposing the same sex marriage agenda as being part of a world wide conspiracy to force same sex marriage on all - which is a part of an agenda for a one world government. 

127 - Agenda 21 is coming everywhere, even in my own city of Newcastle NSW Australia where I live

128 - Australian SAS troops go into battle in Iraq against ISIS

129 -I wish to thank those who told lies about me, they might have stopped my driving of a taxi but they have NOT STOPPED ME DOING WHAT THEY HATE. |I get more time now to concentrate writing online and i will be starting you tubes again in some weeks time. Thanking you all form John Christopher Sunol

130 - this is an article on the homosexual agenda to change the world to a homosexual dictatorship !!! - a homosexual agenda 

Very important for the whole world to read *****

131 - A homosexual agenda coming to this earth, totalitarian regime under social change and social justice to bring about social changes as its main philsophical values

132 - Pope Frances wants to welcombe homosexualithy into the church - this is wickedness

133 - Church Ministers are being forced to marry same sex couples, or face fines or prison and deregistration - this is homosexual totalitarianism

134 - Pope Frances wants to accept homosexuality in the church and this is fitting in with the homosexual agenda

135 - People are sending their names to Mars on Orion when it goes there. What an idea !!!

135 - this teenager and all his mates need to be hunted down by the AFP - state police - ASIO and frog marched off to a place to stay as I put in this entry as they are a national security risk 

136 -Sydney teenager a national security risk and has suddenly drawn the interest of Asio and the AFP 

137 - My thanks to those who told lies about me and got politicians to do the same, they have now given me a better chance to do as they do not want, Work on my blog all day all the time in front of ABC 24 news speaking on issues of world significance. 

138 - the people putting in formal complaints are corrupt and we must all lobby together to rid NSW government of these not needed gay vilification laws or one day it could be brought on to bite the bum of many others who are unaware. We do NOT NEED THE VILIFICATION LAWS SO LETS LOBBY TO REPEAL THEM IN STATE GOVERNMENT. 

139 - we do not need the villificzation laws on homosexual vilification, only one person is abusing this and it is not needed, read this as I am putting this link web side and take note, as i give perfect reasons why we need to get for the public interest and lobby against these useless laws that are doing more harm that good to all people of nsw state wide Australia. 

140 - Putin threatens west to drop Russias 5,000 nuclear wareheads on it. 

141 - Now that Bill shorten has accepted Gay Marriage as a Labor Policy I will never vote labor again untill they reject this outright, Gay Marriage is the curse of the 21st century and a abomination before God. That is the way that I know it to be all who accept this are not only deceived, they are alsos deluded to believe any different.
And the homosexual vilification laws are only being used as a cop out to stop us from speaking against Same sex marriage. 

142 - America and Russia are going a different way, Russia is not so ssure with Agenda 21 but the United states is right on board with this coming new world order !!!

143 - 5,000 Hindus moving from Pakistan each year - this is a worry as both india and Pakistan are nuclear and if they went to war we could have a nuclear war on our hands. 

144 - Suspected terror attack in Jerusalem by man driving car into crowd of people deliberately - using car as a weapon

145 - Same sex marriage is being forced onto people - against their wills - people are being brainwashed with lies to believe same sex marriages or equal opportunities as a propaganda statement by social conditioning. 

146 - If both India and Pakistan went to war again, we would see a major disaster fold out unparalleled of the three past wars, 1947,1965 and 1999

147 - The west is playing around with CNN over the Syrian war whilst ISIS is winning in Iraq, war is no game people die in wars and this needs to be adhered to.

148 - war of attrition to continue on in Syrian Kurdish war if Nato does not get involved. Agenda 21 will take over eventually and come through Nato backed by the Illuminati

149 - The treaty of Lisbon or the coming of a new world entity and power, Euro under the treaty of Lisbon, or one single entity made out of Europeans nations and powers. 

150 - Same sex Marriage is a major part of the United nations depopulation agenda under agenda 21, videos for you to watch on this link concerning the United nations agenda

151 - Anti discrimination issues are very prevalent today

152 -Attacks upon me personally over outspoken  on social justice and social change issuess to do with anti discrimination and vilification laws

153 - More attacs upon me personaly for being outspoken over controversial issues to do with social change and social justice

154 - do NOT BELIEVE SURVEYS over gay marriage, they are all scewed up surveys to put across false data and to bring people onside with the gay marriage debate. 

155 - *** the ebola virus came out of the secret developments of biological weapons by the Russians and Americans over some 20-30 years. *** 
156 -Isis is the curse of the earth, it is indrinating children into is interpretation of the Koran which is a book in similar nature to Mein Kampf the book worshiped by Adolf Hitler in the 1920's and 30's

157 - This is a major worry, anti vilification and discrimination bills are going international - they are being considered Homosexual vilification bills in the United states and all over the world they are part of agenda 21 and on the world wide stage. 

158 - Pastor who performs gay Marriage, keeps ordination, but looses Gods blessings as he has committed wickedness before God

159 - Sydney man fighting with ISIS is a traitor and should become a prisoner of war if captured. 

160 - Sydney Man a traitor fighting with Isis

162 - John Christopher Sunol and the black flag of Isis

163 - Isis close to taking over Kobane, then into Turkey and into Europe to bring war

164 - This Australain Jihadist is an enemy to Australia and a traitor worth of an internment prison camp in Australian outback arid places under Military rule

165 - Another link on Australian Jihadist from Sydney calling for a world wide Jihad and for ISIS to take over Australia

167 - People flee Iran just as much as Isis, both are evil groups but Isis is far worst and more of a threat to the entire world today !!!

168 - Kobani nearly fallen over, Turkey next stop on its way to Eurpope on a world wide Jihad !!!

169 - Australian SAS soldier could face charges for booty of dead Afghanistan soldiers hands being cut off in war - against the rules of war

170 - Nasa had rocket accident at 8.30 Sydney time on 29th October 2014 - these accidents happened before as put on this blog entry - eg 1986 (June 12) challenger accident that killed a crew of 7 astronauts

177 - be election results Newcastle and Charlestown Saturday October 25th 2014 - I have the ABC elections pages linked to my blog on this entry

178 - Ebola virus was made as part of a biological weapons list and is part of Agenda 21, - click here to find out. 

179 - I was set up and framed over my taxi authority, I will not state that I am not fit and proper, this is a lie proposed by others to set me up and attack me 

180 - new cold war coming, this could be very different from the first one
 (1946-1990) as this time could turn out to be hot where this did not happening during the first cold war

181- this threat of a nuclear war is very real, Islamic crises needs attention ISIS needs to be destroyed

182 - the costs of war is horrendous, $8.2 Million dollars per day - many hungry children could be fed for a small amount of that

193 - Lord Moncton on agenda 21, a must watch video if you want to see what is going to happen. watch this you tube is is an expert in agenda 21, lord Mocton

194 - Putin (Russian President) speaks on the coming new world order and a one world government. 

195 - racism hotlines are open to big time abuse with many vexatious calls to report people on a simple vindictive reasoning

196 - Clive Palmer votes with Tony Abbot to rid australia of Climate emmissions program as climate change is only a con job put on by the left wing to bring their political agenda on all Australians

197 - America and Isreal have a dissagreement, this is very dangerous as Islamic radicals which are at war with could use this against us,  "united we stand but divided we fall"" is a very true motto taken from 1942 in the midst of world war 2 -also came from the American civil war as a Motto for the American colonists against the British King of the day

198 - Abbot and Palmer come to a deatl on climate change

199 - this advertisement is to end all hopes in getting a divorce ???

200 - Albert Pike and the lead up to world war 3 - this is fact, not conspiracy let me tell you that

201- The Greens might have a point over our anti terror laws and the retention of data - that is open to abuse - but I state what about the anti homosexual vilification laws - they need repealing as they are being abused right now and we must realize that these laws on homosexual vilification are NOT NEEDED AND NEED REPEALING. 

202 - legislation we need to repeal and the groups that are in this link must be opposed on all levels of lobbying, this group is a curse on the earth

203 - Vladimir Putin from Russia loosing his support over world war 3, this will change all of Russia

204 - Another article on world war 3 starting, I believe that world war 3 really has started when you get so many articles saying the same thing from different sources

205 - Man preparing to colonize mars after 2030

206 -Europe to moove closer tot one country, soon treaty of Lisbon about to kick off

207 -treaty of Lisbon to be enacted soon, a United Europe

208 - Purchase your next group of illegal narcotics from your local gang member and fund Isis to murder people

209 - war is coming to Israel and this is looking more likely all the time, another palestinian intifada


210 - the homosexuals have a one world agenda to bring a homosexual dictatorship all over the world under agenda 21 - I have put a number of links and references to this agenda in this link

211 - My own blog entry in response to No 210 - I am encouraging people to be defiant and not do as stated in the blog 210 link


211 - Andrew Cook - head of apple has come out Gay and is proud to be Gay in almost every major news paper world wide ???

212 - Life after death is what it is, death is only the doing away of our bodies but our spirit and soul moves on to live in other places

213 - Islamic state are committing war crimes and mass murder, we must fight them
214 - I beleive this could be the start of world war 3 and it is all out against Isis - to death do us die with Isis ???

215 - I was set up and framed - with lies stold about me to cause my the loss of my taxi authority, It was nothing I done myself and the man who done this is a vexatious liar who abused the law all the time. He is very corrupt and lives in lies on the vilification laws. I will never accept blame as i am a victim of this man. read this article to find out who

216 - Richard Branson had an accident with his test flight of a space tourism, but this is like when new inventions of flights came, they also had accident and now air flight is just common, more that the old mode of sea travel

217 - Kobana is under severe attack and could fall to Isis any time, then Turkey will be the next country under attack from Isis - we need to fight this back

218 - world war 3 could pop out of the barrel at any time, Russia is preparing to go to war against Nato and China is siding with Russia ??? read these links and you will see ???

219 - world war 3 could be coming any time from now on ???

220 - this is the kind of activist that the corrupt authorities under agenda 21 will to those who speak out against it once it comes to town and is incorporated

221 - Gay Marriage is part of agenda 21 and could be a discussion matter in the G20 conference in Brisbane in Mid November 2014

222 -Article on myself being accused of wanting to Kill all homosexuals - lies put to the courts over this. 

223 - the United states to back Israel and go to war with Iran

224 - Singapore now joining the battle against Isis - this is truly becoming world war 3

225 - the United states is fighting two wars at once in Syria - it is in a real mess and the only way out of this is someone to take over the world, This will happen with agenda 21

 226 - Public lecture to explain the wonders of astronomy

227 - Church schools in Britain now are being forced to teach on homosexual rights to young school children, Indoctrination of the Youth into sexaulity and homosexaulity - this is a sign of the times of the Beast of Revelations

228 - We need to change the Sydney Mardi Gras to a march of cultural diversity and take out the sexuality in times of terrorism, it is a national security risk at the best of times the way it is. - this is the link I put for this blog entry


I give this a five star rating *****
229 - a copy of public letters I designed for an attack on those who are taking me to the Tribunals on false homosexaul villification accusations ; THIS SHOULD BE OF INTEREST TO ALL WHO READ THIS AS IT IS IN THE PROCESS OF GOING TO THE PUBLIC FOR PUBLIC OPINION

PLEASE email this around the net

Yours John 


230 - Lets repeal thee NSW anti villification laws (homosexual vilification and hate crime laws) as they are being abused by one or two people and unworkable. We have another laws in other jurisdiction we do not need these unneeded laws as they are - this link gives reasons and present case reasons why they need to go.

231 - The war is on now and I am going to lobby to rid the NSW government of the unworkable and useless Anti vilification laws for homosexuality. It is usless and being abused all of the time. 

232 -I am looking for more work as my other job ran out of funding and fell through, This is a advertisement for myself in the job market

233 -the G 20 is on in Brisbane in the next week - I will talk on this a lot as it is the topic of this blog

234 - Isis now calls for Jihad on Egypt, where next ???

235 -Islamic statge on a world wide Jihad to take over the world - starting with the Middle east - next Egypt

236 - I will speak on the coming up G20 in Brisbane as this part of agenda 21. 

237 - India and Pakistan back at one anothers thought again and was is imminent, This could be devestaing as Taliban could get hold of nuclear weapons if this happens. 

238 -Agenda 21 coming in deception, big deception: It comes as a man of peace with the use of rock music to fool people into believing the lie that it is the savior of this world - do not be deceived - follow my blog and see the truth of this as I put it online

239 lets oppose gay marriage lets overturn this where it is legislated 

240 - I am looking for work and can work in areas of business development, customer service or a driver, I also have qualifications at working in welfare and drug and alcohol work with people with these problems. I have been both a taxi driver and operator over 9 years from 2003-2012

241 - G 20 in Brisbane is agenda 21

242 - A major issue - over 5,000 hindus are migrating from Pakistan to India leaving a nucleare powered country with radical Islamics in danger of taliban taking over. If Taliban got hole of nuclear weapons I hate to think thconsequences

243 - I need to find work, no more bad publicity or else. i mean that ???

244 - India and Pakistan back at it again over Kashmir - extremely dangerous as if Nuclear weapons fall into Taliban's hands, all out world wide Horror occurs - similar to Isis getting hold of Pakistans nuclear weapons stockpile

245 - President Barrack Obama speaks at the APEC conference in Beijing before coming to the G20 in Brisbane

246 - G20 is conference on environmental sustainability, this is agenda 21 and coming up in Brisbane Australia. 

247 - My positions on same sex marriage in this link: I had a man today in a hotel say that I was not sorry as I wrote against it, No I AM WILLING TO STATE, I AM NOT SORRY FOR BEING AGAINST SAME SEX MARRIAGE AS THIS IS A CURSE UPON ALL WHO EMBARKS ON IT, READ THIS ARTICLE 

248 - A RUN down of my beliefs on same sex marriage and what it represents in society as a whole !!!


249 - there is a huge potential for a terrorist figure to bomb the Sydney Mardi Gras one years, so this event must be stopped for national security. 

250 - Rosetta European space agency space craft lands on the surface of a commet for the first time, Wednesday November 13th 2014 - a first in space exploration to go down in History like the first landing on the Moon. 

251 - High court needs to reject anti biker laws as this could have far more serious consequences than just biker laws !!!

252 - Sydney could be in danger of a potential terror attack if this is kept on going, Let all read this blog entry and make their own judgments on the situation

253 - Same sex marriage is the curse of the 21st century ???


254 - this is what we get from Gay Dads JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THIS  WILL ya !!!

255 - This is the reality of Gay Dads - read my article on the link above 254

256 - I write more on this about Gay Dads and the propaganda surrounding this issue which is aligned to agenda 21 or the coming new world order !!!


257 - We are loosing the fight agaisnt same sex marriage as even the Pope wants to accept this, I state fight on as you will win the good fight and this is the good fighting evil. 

258 - the United states might need to send ground troops in against ISIL as Iraq is loosing the war !!!

259 - Money collapse is in the wind, Russia has been dumping United states dollar. 

260 - Topless Feminist dancer over crucifix in the Vatican - this is wrong - just imagine if they did this over the Koran in a Islamic state Sharia law - they would be arrested and put to death for this. This is how abusive those wanting Gay Marriage are in reality. 

261 - Evangelicals and Pentecostals are stepping back from the fight against same sex marriage, Same sex Marriage is wickedness before God and I will carry on this fight to fight the good fight like Fred Phelps did when he was alive. 

262 - Fred Phelps has died of natural courses, now is the time that same sex  marriage is going to become a big issue as one of the world agitators against same sex marriage is dead

263 - The G20 conference that was held in Brisbane, Qld Australia over the 25th and 16th November 2014 - is agenda 21 - this is what agenda 21 is all about in its frontal face, one world government. 

264 - Islamic state beheads another US aid worker, we must fight this state to the very end. 

265 - A word of wisdom on time Travel - by John Christopher Sunol

266 - Tunnel warfare under Gaze into Israel is going back to world war 1 style of warfare

All should read what is in the page linked to this blog entry.

Very Important for all Australians to stop abuse of the court systems and clogging them up with issues better left out of the court as they are on vexatious and frivolous. 

267 - Let us rid NSW of the anti vilification (anti homosexual vilification laws we do not need them and they are being abused by one or two people, are not needed and it is my duty to lobby for the people of NSW to get up and demand that the NSW government repeal homosexual vilification legislation, Read these documents in this link to see why


268 -  the propaganda war is high on the agenda between Israel and Hamas

269 F35 the fighter plane of the future is getting ready now !!!

270 - same sex divorce, this will become prolific, no sooner to gays or lesbians get married, they will get tired of each other and get a divorce, This in term will clog up the court systems with nonensical rubbish that could be sorted out in conciliation if they wre not married, This could be only to get at one anothers assets by the abuse of the law courts -so same sex marriage is great financial burden to society and a waste of tax payers marriage. 

271 - In defense of globalization, read the arguments for agenda 21 which I do not agree with all but I think that this will get a lot of people sucked into something that is a nightmare

272 - 2 Americans and 1 British born person killed in cold blood at a Jerusalem Synagog  by Hamas affiliated terrorist - this is all out war ???

273 - the christian church and the homosexual lobby are at war !!! and I declare all out war with these Homosexual political activist group's (especially the GLRL) 

274 - the test lauch of the Orion, Nasa's next space flight to Mars and beyond. Test launch in December 2014

275 Pauline Hanson wants to lead one nation again and get back in Politics, She was very controversial but under a lot of attack before - lets see if this time she will be successful - I hope and pray so !!! - I would love to see all Greens get booted out of Australian politics and replace with either, One nation under Pauline Hanson, Fred Niles Chrsitian Democratic Party, Clive Palmer, Family first or some conservative rigth wing independent

276 internet restriction to come in the form of licensing, this could be used by some to restrict freedom

277 -  more on and another blog on the introduction on internet licensing and blog editing and control by the authorities.


278 - Civil tribunals do not have rights to imprison, they only can award big fines and to force payment, civil measures such as bankruptcy can be used, Prsion sentenses are only left open to the criminals courts, Local, District and Supreme courts and this is the way it must be. 

279 - both Russia and China are developing weapons in space, America is getting behind in this area but this is a new cold war, in space weaponry brewing right at the present moment. 

280 - Lets rid NSW of the homosexual villification laws, they are useless and only being abused by one or two people. It is a urgent need to have the homosexual anti vilification amendment removed from the law books in NSW as soon as possible, Read this to find out why. 

281 - all wars of the future will be high tech - even going to space 

282 Bigger threat than extremists, Iraq on the verge of economic collapse - economic collapse leads to chaos and to the right material for extremists to take over. 

283 - Lets stop the homosexaul villification laws being abused, Lets lobby against all the Pride candidates and Greens in all elections as they are abusing the law. 

284 - Is there a new cold war coming up over Ukrainian crisis - it looks like that

285 - the John Sunol Daily - online news paper - is still around from back in 2008 - six years ago

286 - this is a look at 7 possible outcomes to the fight against ISIL which is quickly turning into a big war, possibly the start of world war 3, 

287 - those taking me to court are doing this on a Political reasoning, They want to shut me up policaly and is is not just Garry Burns by himself

288 - shirts with my face on it being sold in the USA as online sales
Cafe Press !!!

289 - this is my supreme court case of November 2011 transcripts to rid NSW of the Homosexual Anti vilification laws - I will now have another go with some extra documents in this. 

290 - If Isis and Al Queda - and Taliban - join forces they could become very dangerous - then all Hell is let loose of its chains for the west

291 - Isrealis bulldoze down homes of those who murdered jews at Synagogue; Collective punishment is not good as innocent always suffer; but collective punsment happens in reality. this is happening right now as we are in a war and it is getting worst


292 - Mass sing along to define Hate crime: This is all propaganda which I will expose as that as hate crime is to broad a topic and it covers a lot of areas which need definitions. 

293 - this is the broad definition of what hate crime realy is, a topic of a host of subjects which entrail groups and do nothing but take away our free speech right and give people the ability to get back at those they do not like and open to serious abuse. We do not need hate crime defined in such a way - the criminal laws as they stand now are very appropriate in their present context. This is only a  doubling up of the criminal laws to take away our rights of free speech


294 - what is happening in Ukraine at the moment is critical, even since the Brisbane 2014 G20 things have occurred, rear this link to find out as we all are on the need to know basis !!!

295 - Jerusalem, city of thee mail religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) in hot dispute and think this is where the next inter fada is coming in the forms of al all out war. 

296 - New world order coming to replace the old, code named agenda 21 as 20 years ago this was set aside for the 21st century which is now !!!

297 - there is an eternity of learning about the planets in space far beyond outr own understanding

298 - I know this for a fact, I did not vilify anyone and I am not a homophobe as put by some, I had decisions against me in a civilian tribunal and I have had lies put against me by those who got the decisions against me. This man who took me to court on numbers of occasions is only front up man for a far more sinister group of political activist. I want to let him know that I am aware of his trick and he can not fool me. 

299 - sin in the church is wickedness in Gods eyes and homosexulity is sin in Gods work so homosexuality in the church is wickedness before God and this shall bring His wrath upon the church

300 - the gay and lesbian rights lobby campaign for all christians to accept homosexuality and not to call it sin anymore. This will brings holy wrath and judgment upon those who commit to this heresy

301 - Talk is very cheap but not so good a long term result in cases like the terrorist in Jersalem, but action gives a far better result in the long run and often is the only way to react. 

302 - I have a job interview, tomorrow morning at 11.00am I will say more about this later after my interview stretch but I will NOT HAVE any more bad publicity as this job is in the sales area, and bad publicity would mess me up. 

303 - things you need to know before the coming of the new world order, including the teaching on evolution and billions of years is not all that correct. 

304 - Areas you are NOT told about in the coming new world order; or agenda 21, secrets kept by secret societies, (Masons etc - and this in the know) which all should know about this coming agenda 21. 


305 - Went for a sales job interview today, find out tomorrow if i got the job or not

306 - I could get a job after tomorrow, I will wait and see

307 - Video of Isis aggressive to its enemies and why we must fight this Jihadist group the the very last drop of blood - real live living bloodshed by this group and backs my reasons for an all out war to the very last drop of blood with this group - or in other words called a death cult

308 - A world wide cashless society is coming and it is coming quickly - already Sweden is quickly going cashless and Indonesia soon to follow.

309 - Uk brothers jailed for training in Syria terror camp

310 - The rise in the recorded actions of gay hate crime: I blame the gay and lesbian rights lobby for this by pushing issues such as same sex marriage on all. 

311Futuristic plane to replace concord by 2022 - look at this it comes straight out of sci fi

312 - Very important articles on agenda 21 and you tube from Lord Moncton - you must listen to these as these tell you what is happening and where the world is going in accordance with agenda 21 - all must listen to this you tube I put on as it will explain to you what is coming and what agenda 21 or the coming new world order really is - It is like 
the Brave New World by Audious Huxley 
1984 by George Orwell
coming into place. 


313 -Take note of this please, it is not what I wanted but is fact

314 - Muslims need new world order to prevent Jihad radicals come to power.

315 - the technological, social, cultural and philosophical changes from teh 20th century to the 21st century as so far have been massive. They are getting more so as we travel down the time line

316 - facts on Syrian war, updated facts from Monday November 24th 2014

317 - Calling agenda 21 a conspiracy theory is a way of labelling this to be a lie, when it fact agenda 21 is no conspiracy theory at all, it is factual evidence put out by the United nations, I speak about this on the topic of this blog - also watch the 
You Tubes I put online to prove this. 

318 - Nuclear war on Mars, unproven hypothesis which is where the labelling of agenda 21 is trying to put peoples perception of agenda 21 as when in reality agenda 21 is very different - it is fact - proven fact - not a unproven hypothesis - or a conspiracy theory

319 - Brisbanes wild weather in a storm today (27th November 2014) I beleive is part of a man made problem that is building in intensity - combined with changing weather conditions world wide over the last few years. 

320 - The Treaty of Lisbon is becoming relevant and will capitulate into No 3 ranking of world largest of population, behind China 1.393 billion India 1.729 billion and then the EU ahead of the United states use to be on third ranking with 223 million. The EU will have around 500 million when it becomes one nation. 

321 - the Russians as sad as it could be as in this area I agree with the Russians but could loose out to the arrival of agenda 21, This is on the globalization of teh world and its economic benefits and competitive forces, going Global and that means that Russia is one of the market forces to compete on the world stage of global competition.

322 - Islmic state is winning in Northern Iraq and a major set of conflicts are going on - read articles on this

323 - Bulgarian man charged with terror incitement - this is a very dangerous word as without a proper definition on what is terror and then what is the conduct defined with terror incitement (or in other words what is meant by terror and what is really meant by incitement as both words  need defining to a precise meaning)  - the terminology is to broad and it can be misused in many ways by those with an alternative agenda and with the use of a very vindictive motive. 

324 - Bulgarian Imam charged with terror incitement, I ask the question what is the legal definition of terror and further more what is the legal definition of incitement, Both words are to broad and can be abused very easily

325 - Mission to land a spacecraft on a comet in November 2014

326 - the Lord Maitreya justifies child phedofilia in the life and times of the Prophet Muhammad, For a 48 year old man to marry and have sex with a 9 year old girl is child pedophelia, it is today, it was yesterday and it is in the future.l It does not matter of the time of place it is wrong in all senses. For the Lord maitreya to justify this means he is justifying wickedness in the life of the photphet who is attributed to the Kora by the Islamic faiths. I will not accept him and I will from now on turn all I come against Maitreya - the Illuminati and the coming new world order, that is what this blog is all about

327 - A cashless society is coming and coming quickly. all should read this

328 - I believe that all future historians will see the year 2014 a very important time link in the history of mankind, like that of 1914 adn 1918.

329 - world war 3 could start in Europe from the conflict in Ukraine which is raging onwards

330 - Isreal next nation to go to the Moon after the United states, then Russia, China and now Israel - read this article to find out

331 - earth will beam 90,000 messages to Mars 

332 - Keep religion out of Politics as the two together like a spark does to a can of petroleum. This is the cause of most of the wars today

333 - religion and politics mix like a spark and a drum of petrol for us in cars mix - it can become very explosive this mix. 

334 -  A FIRST HAPPENING on December 4 2014: the test launch of the Orion space craft - space craft of the future on December 4 2014 - this is going to go down as a history making day in the 21st century for all time in prosperity.

335 - space the next place of discoveries, 3 D technology being developed in space for space flight - also used in space

336 - Tess Corbetts appeal is thrown out and she fails to apologize, this is bad, not good as the femenist are winning the war at the moment against the conservative people. 

337 - Islamic state wants to take over Sinai and then move on into Jerusalem - this is war all out war 

338 -  thousands quit Finnish Lutheran church as Archbishop endorses gay Marriage - I would as well so this is something that must happen is such wickedness comes in the church

339Quantum Mechanics is taking over from digital electronics and 3D printing in future will be King


340 Eventually in time to come Quantum Mechanics will take over Digital technolgoy to rule supreme on the earth and especially under agenda 21

341Eventually Quantum Mechanics will take over the world and this could be under agenda 21 read this very important to all. 


342 - Chid Marriage (under 16 years of age, and 18 years in a country like Australia) is all to rampart today in some religious codes of thinking - even the phrophets of these religions are supposedly involved in this. Child marriage of you woman in their publiscdent perios of life should not be tolerated by any means. All those involved in this needs to be not tolerated by anyone anywhere. Anyone found doing this needs to be made accountable before the law and the courts and all religions which condone such thing need to be outlawed and any religious book that encourages marriages of people under the age of puberty of 16 years of age need to be closed down by the authorities as promoting an intolerable act. This needs to happen on an international arena as not just one group or groups can be involved in this intolerable act

343 - Education by videos of what is going on inside Kobane with Isil, taken by media sources from the front lines of the battle for Kobane


344 - Australian Federal government communications minister to introduce a bill to make an agency responsible for internet content - regulate all and if ordered to take down a site a company or individual can be fined up to 
$17,000 a day for every day that a site remains in contravention of an order. 

345 - Federal government to introduce a bill on cyber bullying, this has the potention for serious abuse: To read click into this link


346 - more on agenda 21

347 - The legalization of Paedophilia will come not after the legalization of same sex marriage - this is scientific fact

348 - On this day in History 3rd December 2014 - this is what happened

349 - My life story on this blog: Testimony for all to read

350 - war industry to profit over the coming conflicts with ISIL 

351 - New world order time line 

352 - On this day in history from December 5th 2014

353 - From Friday December 5th 2014 - I have changed the way I set out my blogs - read this to find out. 

354 - 18 months ago President Obama told the world that the war against Al |Qaeda would be over - but is it in real !!!

355 - Sydney Mardi Gras could be in danger of major terrorist attack. To read this go through these articles liked to this blog entry !!!

356 - Nasa's Orion space craft inaugural test flight to take off soon

357 - How can we have peace in the middle east with so many religious differences

358 - Orion had had a successful test flight 

359 - On this day in History 7th December 2014 - bombing of Pearl Harbour (7th December 1941) by Japanese without notice - brought the United states into world wa4 2

360 - Isreal is only safe until Hezbollah and Al Qaeda stop the war among them selves - then they descend like a hord of flies as going to rotten meat in an attack upon Israel. I think the international community needs to coem in to stop this before it goes to far. 

362 -Iran would do joint airstrikes against ISIS until Israel came in the picture, then Iran would turn sides and make a joint attack against Israel. i do not trust those at teh leadership in Iran one little bit. 

363 - Iran gives death penalty to a blogger for criticizing Muhammad on facebook on line. This is ludicrous as anyone can set you up in this way if you are known blogger and writer to get you out of the way. 

364 - Death Penalty in Iran for blogger who blasphemed Muhammad on facebook. this is the same as the persecution of the church as it is prolific in a country like Iran, Iran is a Shia Islamic country and very hardline Sharia law

364 - Terrorist wanted, no experience as we will train - an academic explanation on what it means to be a terrorist

365 - Gay Marriage in Chili - this phenomena is moving world wide, - it is part of the homosexual agenda

366 - the homosexual agenda, part of agenda 21 going on at the moment in the form of same sex marriage

367 - 5,000 Hindus are migrating from Pakistan (which is Islamic) to India which is predominantly Hindu - India is the second biggest nation (1.274 billion)  in the world behind China with over (1.397 billion people).


368 - world countries and world statistics ranked by different Data selections

369 - blog a statistical data checking with back up statistics in it.; 


370 - Unites states of America could go to war with Russia at any time - world war 3 seriously on the cards

371 - bible prophecy could come to pass - Russian beat Gog prepares to go war with the beast over Ukraine

372 -the rise of Islamic state in Gaza - this could see a massive change in the strategies in teh middle eastern war 

373 - Sydney terror attack in CBD Lindt Cafe islamic terrorist


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