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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Students murdered in their sleep by Boko Hiram in Nigeria

this is totally aberrant and these murderous thugs need to be hunted down by the Nigerian security forces until captured. 

Then put any member of Boko Haram who done this in front of the the courts and have the case published to the whole world what they do in the name of a religious identity - Muhammad - this sort of action is totally reprehensible and like the recent attack on the shopping mall in Kenya, it is attacking innocent people who are defenseless. 

Sharia law is evil and we must fight it to the very end

Any religious identity that expects his people to do such an act as murder students whilst in their sleep is evil and from the pits of hell. I want nothing to do with this God or his prophets. 

These students are more defenseless as they do not come during the day, they come in their sleep. 

I think that this group when caught need to be thrown in top security prison cells, refused a Quran and only allowed a bible - then be thrown in a top security prison for life and if the death penalty is available in Nigeria this crime warrants a death penalty.

I speak out against these openly reprehensible groups online all of the time. 

That is my nature and what I am online for. 

John Sunol email 0468 309 091
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