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Friday, 19 July 2013

I beleive that we are heading into the times of the Beast of Revelations and i will show this by blogging

I beleive this has a couple of modern stereotypes and a couple of ancient one.

Ancient stereotypes. 

1. Antiochus Ephiphenses - born 215 BC , ruled 175-164BC 
2. Roman Empiror Nero - born 37 ruled 54 - 68.

Modern Stereotypes

1. Neapolitan Bonaparte (French emperor  - born 1769 - ruled in full his empire in Europe 
1789-1815 upon defeat at the battle of Waterloo, died in exile on Corsica in 1821
2. Adolf Hitler, 1889-1945 ruled 1933-1945
the false prophets
Alister Crowley 1875-1947 
Anton Le Vey - 1930 - 1997

the next monster to come is going to be ten times worst than any of these monsters I outlined and he will be the beat of revelations 666 or better known as the Anti Christ. 

warch the video on Anton Le Veys death bed confession as well
The person who is taking me to court to shut me up is in the same boat as Anton Le-Vey was when he suddenly realized what the reality of death is. 

Watch this Video
all of those who are in the likeness of the anti Christ that I mentioned above would now be where the above video is talking of now, that their time has gone and they have passed away.

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